Achey hearts

Christmas time! Means family time. Means time apart. Next year will be different. Change in family traditions perhaps. Thats how traditions start though. A change since my last post? Michael D’Ambrosio told me he loved me. My heart leapt. My brain processed it first and before I knew it my mouth was saying it back. Never have i experienced anything like that. It goes to show I was waiting for the moment to come. I can’t stop smiling. Everything is perfect. I have never felt like this. So comfortable and safe and able to show a side one can only show when truly at ease. Always excited for tomorrow because I know it will be as wonderful as today or better. You make things …purple! One words cant describe it! It’s like when you’re looking at a picture and the colors are vibrant and the edges are crisp and all is bright.



2 thoughts on “Achey hearts

  1. I was having a pretty rough morning, but this really cheered me up. Thanks love. You are so perfectly you. You, you, you! Everyday with you makes me feel twenty feet tall. Now hurry back into my arms.

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