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Fish & Fennel


Best dinner the other night.
Some crazy fish with an H name.
He tasted so good.
You put him on top of fennel
Fennel was roasted for 15 min prior (in s&p and cayenne)
Then roasted fish on top of that with Italian herbs and lemon…

Served with crispy/charred roasted broccoli !

Oh yes. Then to make the night even more cozy and simple ….we went downstairs to our neighbor Ten Tables and got a dessert to go.

Goats cheesecake with sour Washington cherries and brown sugar tuille.

I love love this guy and how we spend our time together. Things are so simple and perfect. easy is a good word.



One thought on “Fish & Fennel

  1. Easy is a great word!

    The fish is called Hake. It’s a white fish similar to cod but sweeter.

    I can’t believe how much the fennel sweetened up once roasted!

    Love love love to your face.

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