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winter has come and we made it magical! It’s snowing now but i can’t help but think about the changing months ahead.

seasons can last so long especially here in New England
and I feel so lucky to have made the wonderful memories we have. We have set the bar for winter month activites pretty high (puzzling, movies, concerts, Dr. Who!, cooking)

I can’t believe that this weekend is Daylight Savings Time! one extra hour to be around eachother Saturday!

this picture is so nice. I feel like bicycling the city with you this spring and summer (and fall!) will set the scene for lots of memories.

The ease of getting around. The quickness. Late night biking on the Charles. Biking to concerts and outdoor movies and picnics. Dizzy-Tipsy bicycling home! Bicycling to Museums and the Minute Man Trail. Biking to work. A quick cycle to the grocery store to grab food for dinner. Holding hands at redlights. Just feeling healthy and glowing from the summer sun.

im excited thinking about it! Only a few months left! I think we can manage til then šŸ™‚

Love you Michael.


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