Persian Post!

Persian Post!

This is taken from food 52. my new favorite foodie website.

Posting this so we can aim to fill our already packed cabinets with more beautiful ingredients.

Discovering Persian ingredients is a bit like lifting the lid off a treasure box: the dazzling sight of pink rose petals and green cardamom is surpassed only by the heady scent and delicate flavor of red saffron and golden turmeric. Here are five key ingredients in Persian cooking that give this cuisine its unmistakable taste.

Rose Water and Rose Petals–think of it as the Iranian equivalent to Vanilla extract

Saffron–used everywhere in Persian cooking. Pricey but a little goes a long way.

Sumac-bascially the Persian MSG. Lemony and salty. Tart. Use where you would use lemon juice. Use it as a meat tenderizer, as a garnish for my watermelon and cucumber salad, and to jazz up a ho-hum bowl of lentil soup.

Dried Limes– you can even eat them after they’ve been softened in a soup!

Green Herbs– The herbs most commonly used in Persian cooking are dill, mint, parsley, cilantro, basil, chives, fenugreek, and tarragon, while marjoram and oregano make occasional appearances. There’s no stigma against using dried herbs, in fact, dried spearmint and dried dill weed are de rigeur in a Persian kitchen.


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