Hit by a car Tuesday June 24th. Bicycling to work. Flung off hood. Down hill. Landed on feet. Action hero? Run down hill. Tripped. The rest doesn’t need explaining.

It’s been 5 days. One massive bruise is color changing beautifully on my right knee. Missed work, lots of bad luck and limping.

The most comforting thing, with all that has happened, was the call to Mike right after it happened. It all became real but i knew he’d be there for me and ready to help me deal with the unknown that was about to turn things upside down. I still don’t understand how I chose to start that day. I made a conscious decision to take Mike’s cellphone and move it from our living room to the nightstand next to him.

Then i called him 15 minutes later after being flung from a car hood. He would never have heard it if it wasn’t moved it.

It’s bizarre.

I have had an emotional couple days but through all the crazy that is coming out of me I do know that I adore you Michael Mikey Mike more than I ever thought possible.

Heres to bike rides for life!


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