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We got engaged!!

the ring is the most gorgeous ring ever!


It’s perfect 🙂 🙂

We went to Ken & Dana in May to look at styles. None of them really described me and who Mikey & I are. We are definitely different. I wanted something unique and i never found anything that looked like what Mike got for me.

Ken & Dana is all about customizing a ring for the couple. So now there is the Alana design on their website that they sell to the public! How cool!


It’s rose gold. and the band has a satin finish. and the diamond is an oval.

It’s sparkly and the rose gold makes it pop. and the oval is so pretty!


We went to Monhegan Island and Mike proposed at the Light House after dinner. We went to a fancy dinner and then he proposed while we were sitting on a bench looking out at the the tiny town’s lights. We could hear the waves crash and there was some spitting rain coming down gently.

I’ve never been so excited and manic and happy. I was so giddy! Mike’s reaction to me was also incredible. He was scared and crying and he was so happy with how it all came out.

He got down on one knee ! What a guy.

It’s been so fun to tell everyone we’re engaged and to talk about future wedding plans.  I feel so settled and happy.

Stay tuned for wedding plans 🙂 !


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