We are wedding planning! YOWZA!

So many things to do!

2014-05-04 16.51.29-2

We have an officiant, wedding list count !, DJ, Photographer…ahh…VENUE!!! oh and eachother!

We’re into the flower theme….with it being in a flower garden….oollala fun

Next up…and soooo important:

Save The Dates! What the heck paper will i use…feeling like a wedding diva now.

I LOVE PAPER AND FONTS …or typography…whatever it’s called i just melt.

I want super fun awesome magnets…..Well it started with Mike wanting magnets …i could do either paper or a fridge decoration.

OHH I just discovered foil stamped paper. ANOTHER category?? Making me more and more excited.

this is what we have for and idea on Etsy:


a polaroid-ish magnet…

I’m so curious to see what we choose. wooohoooo.


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