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2015-05-03 16.32.45

I’m still traveling to Boston every week and Mike is in his first year of PT school. We make 2 meals on the weekend so we can eat them all week so we aren’t hemorrhaging money on lunches/dinners.  This is something we’ve been looking forward to. We are pairing this with kimchi fried rice for dinner. YUM. These take awhile to make!!!!!!!  It’s all the prepping of the summer roll insides. Just watch some tv while doing it.

This makes about 26 summer rolls. If it’s for a party make more! They go so fast.

Don’t forget to make the peanut sauce !
40 medium shrimp cut  in half- deveined
whole bag of dried stick noodles
round rice paper wrappers- used about 30ish
mint leaves- make sure you have about 30 ish
basil leaves- about 30ish
cilantro -30ish

lime- 2

carrots-2 or 3
2 serrano chiles – cut thinly length wise- i used jalapeño
1 cucumber- peeled and cut matchstick size thinly
scallions- i didn’t use enough of these- make sure you have enough- use only the light green/white part 2” pieces
bibb lettuce  cut in half

boil water
boil shrimp for 1.5 minutes til pink
drain and run under cool water
remove shrimp shell/tails.
boil noodles at same time for 3 minutes- follow box instructions
cut noodles up just a little
and squirt 1.5 lime over it

cut shrimp in half long way
hold them between your fingers and use small knife to cut them down

shred carrots with box grater then squirt 1 lime over carrots
cut up serrano the long way
cut up basil
cut up scallions
cut up mint
cut up cucumber
cut up cilantro
cut up bibb lettuce

2015-05-03 15.29.56
wet a clean dish towel, use a large skillet filled with very warm water to soak the rice papers in, and have all the ingredients around the dish towel.

2015-05-03 16.32.38
soak rice paper for 15 seconds
shake off water gently
place on dish towel and then add 3-4 shrimp in the middle
put noodles on top – you can use a good amount
layer carrots
layer serrano

fold it up! fold bottom 1/3 closest to you over the pile of goodness. hold the pile steady and then gently fold the right over and the left over .
tuck the pile to make sure it’s stable. and then roll it up like a cigar!

ONLY REGRET: didn’t have enough carrots/mint/basil/scallions. had to stretch it out a bit toward the end.


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