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Pan Seared white fish

HOLY CRAP. how easy is this to make?!?!

I bought tons of tilapia today at BJ’s…courtesy of Michael’s moms membership.

I read online that searing white fish is one of the MUST KNOW things to do. Like boiling eggs. Who knew?
Also, i’m trying to loose weight after today’s unfortunate gym weigh-in. So now that i’m tracking my food starting today- i thought this was a good food option during the week while i’m up in Boston.

White fish/lettuce/quinoa. That’s it for me.

White fish

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

other seasonings optional- i used fennel on some


Wash Fish. Dry Fish. Coat one side with salt/pepper/anything. Like load it up with flavor!

Heat pan with EVOO in it.  Lay the fish seasoned side down. 3 minutes.

As you do this, coat the side that is facing up. Flip and time another 3 minutes. The fish gets a little golden!


HOLY FISHY GOODNESS. How does it taste so good.


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