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I made a burger for the first time!

I succeeded at burger making!  And by that i mean i cooked them on my stove and didn’t really make them from scratch.

Mike always says “why pay to make a burger at home when we can just go out and eat one for cheaper”?

Fooey with that. Today I decided to use up my bulkie rolls & muenster cheese by making burgers. I served it with sweet potato fries and CRANBERRY SAUCE.

I am including all my wish I knew’s in the directions.


I bought fresh beef patties pre formed — 4 of them

bulkie rolls

bacon- to top on the burger

cheese- i used muenster



lemon mayo – mixed lemon juice and mayo together


oil pan- i just used the pan the bacon was in after dumping the grease out

once hot, add the patties

beef cooks in 4 minutes on each side ( i read that it should never take more than 10 minutes)

People warn you about over cooking hamburgers. So i got nervous here. But i always fear i’m going to die if i don’t cook my meat long enough. My years as a vegetarian were easiest.

There was a LOT of splattering going on. i had to cover the pan to prevent getting grease on me.

Add cheese and once it melts take it off stove.



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